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Just Call Her Mrs. Hubble

When we were originally searching for the perfect picture for our sci-fi/fantasy novel, we began by looking for images from the Hubble space telescope. We found one we loved. The gold and blue colors symbolized our two main characters. The composition was breathtaking, and the sci-fi feel was exactly what we were seeking. When we clicked on the beloved image for more information, we got a big surprise. It wasn’t a Hubble picture at all. It was a work of art created by Ali Ries whose tag line on her website says “Just call me Mrs. Hubble”.

Once on Ali’s website, we were like kids in a sci-fi candy store. There were so many vibrant works! We were hooked. We picked out several that we loved and even began plotting books to match the glorious images that danced before us. Talk about inspiration!

Our second novel, Time’s Secret, will be coming out in early Fall. We had the cover image picked out before we had even finished writing the story. We will be debuting the cover next week, when the book trailer is posted, but couldn’t resist giving everyone a chance to see all of Ali’s work. Check out her website:

By the way, does anyone have any guesses about which picture we selected for the cover of Time’s Secret? (Hint: Try Space and Sci-fi Wallpapers.)

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