Time’s Guardians

Time's Guardians cover

“Once you are a Guardian of Time you cannot be distracted by other concerns,” Sarvon explained. “Being a Guardian is one of the most important occupations in this galaxy. Nothing must interfere with your duties.”

“My duty is to my family,” Michael said.

“Not any longer.” Sarvon smiled at him. “Your wife will receive word that you died in your quest for the Origin Stone. You will become a legend, Michael Blayne. Everyone will believe you died the death of a hero. Your name will live on, which is a fitting way to honor the work you will be doing for this galaxy.”

“I will not be doing any work for this galaxy under those terms,” Michael snapped.

Sarvon looked surprised. “You have been called. You cannot refuse.”

“Watch me,” Michael returned.

“I knew this would be a problem,” Arturus muttered.

“The Warrior Totem recognized you,” Sarvon continued, his brows drawing together.

“So?” Michael met the other man’s eyes.

“Once you have been chosen, you cannot refuse service to the Guardians of Time.”

It is a great honor to be a Guardian of Time.
There is just one catch. You can never quit.

Trailer     Prologue

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