Time’s Illusion


Time's Illusion CoverMichael had a problem. He knew his name was Michael Blayne. He knew was an agent of the Special Assignments Force, a division of the Galactic Armed Forces. He even remembered his commanding officer Alrick Zartollis telling him, “You are perfect for this assignment, Michael. Trust me.” However, he could not remember just what the assignment was.

Something had obviously happened to him. His gun and trancorder were missing, his uniform had vanished, and he had a nasty contusion on the back of his head. He was not a prisoner. The room he was in was luxurious, the food was excellent, and he was being treated with all the awe and respect of a visiting dignitary. He just wished he knew why.

When Michael Blayne awakens after falling through a portal in another realm, he does not know where he is. He does not know how he arrived or even why he is there. In fact, there is only one thing he does know. He’s in trouble.

Michael soon has more problems than just his lost memory. As he seeks to disentangle reality from illusion, he learns he must not only discover the truth, but he must find a way to escape a world from which no one has ever escaped and to defeat an enemy no one has ever defeated.

Time’s Illusion is the third book in the Time’s Edge sci-fi/fantasy series.

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