Time’s Phantoms

Time's Phantoms CoverThere is a phantom of time, unseen and silent…

Vaxe Quirtin strode into Sarvon’s chamber and said abruptly, “It’s as we feared. The time portals are opening.”

Sarvon, the Leader of the Guardians of Time, looked up sharply. “How many so far?”

“Over a hundred and more opening every day.”

“Were you able to enter any of the portals?”

“Yes.” Vaxe looked grim. “And I emerged in another place.”

Sarvon stared at him. “Another place? Not another time?”

“No. I remained in this time.” Vaxe gave a small smile. “It seems the doorways aren’t actually portals through time, in spite of the name.”

Sarvon let out a breath. “Then we need not worry about them.” Then he frowned. “If you emerged in another place that means the portals are connected.”

Vaxe nodded. “Yes.” He gave Sarvon a quizzical look. “You didn’t know?”

“No.” Sarvon rose from his chair. “After your initial report, I searched our archives. There is no record of any of the time portals being linked.”

Vaxe scowled. “I was hoping you would have more information for me. If anyone ever knew about the portals, it should have been the Guardians of Time.”

“Yes.” Sarvon was silent for a moment. “It is disturbing that we do not have the information. It can mean only one of two things.”

“And they are?”

“Either someone is trying to protect time,” Sarvon replied slowly, “Or someone is trying to change time.”

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