Time’s Secret

Time's Secret, book #2

Most secrets are revealed by time. But what do you do when time is running out?

Alrick read slowly:

The Last Guardian will emerge from the dark tomb.
Brief will be his reign, his deed everlasting.
The stone of the origin of the power will return
To the bright center from the altar of time.

“This is obviously an Origin Stone prophecy,” Lexandria said. “The reference is unmistakable. It seems to refer to…” Her voice trailed off uncertainly.
“The Last Guardian,” Michael finished. He looked at Alrick. “This may be what we’re looking for.”
“The Last Guardian?” Alrick was horrified. “The—Last—Guardian? But…it cannot be! When the Last Guardian appears it means…it would mean…”
“The end of the galaxy,” Lexandria whispered.


Commander Michael Blayne and his wife, Kate Weston, are stuck with the unenviable task of trying to find the missing Origin Stone. Neither one wants the troublesome relic, but several other people who aren’t as picky are hot on the trail of the powerful Stone, for they believe those who control the Origin Stone control the galaxy.

As Michael and Kate delve deeper into the mystery of the Origin Stone, they uncover secrets that affect not only their marriage and their lives but the very future of the galaxy. Now as they race their foes to the hiding place of the Stone one thing becomes clear. For the Origin Stone time is eternal, but for Michael and Kate time is running out.

Time’s Secret is the second book in the Time’s Edge sci-fi/fantasy series.

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