Time’s Rebels

Rebels Cover  SmallA scream suddenly echoed through the cavern and a body came hurtling down through the darkness. The soldier continued to scream as he fell, his shrieks abruptly silenced when he hit the bottom.

“The poor bastard must have slipped,” Michael said as they continued downward. “But that’s good luck for us.”

“Why?” Kate managed to gasp out the one word. Her stomach was roiling at the thought of falling such a long distance.

“There is now one less soldier after us,” he replied. “And they will probably be more careful, which means they will be moving more slowly.”

“Shouldn’t we be careful?”

“Being careful means getting caught,” was Michael’s terse reply.


Michael Blayne, former Commander with the Galactic Armed Forces and agent of the Special Assignments Force, is on the run from several organizations.

The SAF is looking for him, the Ratherians have put a price on his head, and even the mysterious and powerful agents from the Realm of the Scienticians have orders to either capture or kill him. He knows that when you are being hunted you have three choices.

You can run.
You can hide.
Or you can fight.

Time’s Rebels is the fourth book in the Time’s Edge science fiction series.

Available from Amazon

Trailer     Prologue

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