Family Superpowers

We write science fiction about characters with extraordinary gifts, gifts that most would say are impossible in real life. But when we look around at our family and friends, we notice that many folks have abilities that can only be described as superpowers. Here are some examples:

The Cuteness Factor. We’ve all seen this one. Sure, there are a lot of cute kids in the world, but some can focus that cuteness with amazing results. The world stops for them. Folks give them gifts for no reason. People trip over themselves to do things for them. They send their cuteness vibrations out into the universe and the cosmos rearranges itself to suit them. A Class-A superpower.

The Power of No. This is a good one. Folks with this talent can say no and others accept it. No explanations, no apologies. Just the one word and no arguments, thank you very much. Rare, but definitely powerful.

The Inability to See Dirt. An amazing skill, mostly possessed by men. Dirty dishes in the sink? Cobwebs in the corners? Mud on the floor? Nothing gets through the shield that prevents these guys, uh, people, from seeing dirt. Some are so powerful that even when the dirt is pointed out to them, they still cannot perceive it. Truly amazing.

Techno-demigod. What a great talent this is. The techno-demigod can simply sit down at a malfunctioning computer and it will immediately start working again. He can also perform this feat with other things, such as copiers, phones, and computerized appliances. A household and workplace deity.

The Finder. Finders are very useful. They can locate just about anythings. Can’t remember where you left your glasses? The finder knows. Where did you leave that important paper that you just had in your hand and now cannot locate anywhere? The finder will spot it within ten seconds of walking into your office.  They have a knack of seeing what others do not and an ability to notice details that is super-human.

Moms. The superpowers of moms are many and potent. A sampling:

  • The ability to see through walls and into rooms where their children are playing/arguing/plotting
  • The ability to sense a fever/bruise/scratch or any other physical ailment in a child even if the child is not in the same state
  • The ability to hear children who are playing/arguing/plotting even if the children are in another room
  • The ability to freeze a person with her glance
  • The ability to freeze a person or even an entire group with her voice (We wrote an entire blog about his one. See The Mom Voice.)

Are there any superpowers in your family?



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J.M. Dattilo is our pen name. We are the authors of the Time's Edge sci-fi/fantasy series.

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