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Our local library posted a link to a great article: “Pleasure Reading Leads to Professional Careers” which describes the interesting results of a study by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Apparently, pleasure reading is really good for you.

This made us think of a great list created by Dean Schneider and Robin Smith for the Horn Book Magazine. We’d like to share it:

Thirteen Ways to Raise a Nonreader

by Dean Schneider and Robin Smith

1. Never read where your children can see you.

2. Put a TV or computer in every room. Don’t neglect the bedrooms and kitchen.

3. Correct your child every time she mispronounces a word.

4. Schedule activities every day after school so your child will never be bored.

5. Once your child can read independently, throw out the picture books. They’re for babies.

6. Don’t play board games together. Too dull.

7. Give little rewards for reading. Stickers and plastic toys are nice. Money is even better.

8. Don’t expect your children to enjoy reading. Kids’ books are for teaching vocabulary, proper study habits, and good morals.

9. Buy only 40-watt bulbs for your lamps.

10. Under no circumstances read your child the same book over and over. She heard it once, she should remember it.

11. Never allow your child to listen to books on tape; that’s cheating.

12. Make sure your kids only read books that are “challenging.” Easy books are a

complete waste of time. That goes double for comic books and Mad magazine.

13. Absolutely, positively no reading in bed.

Text © 2001 by Dean Schneider and Robin Smith. From the March/April 2001 issue of The Horn Book Magazine.

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  1. This should be mandatory reading for every parent. Good job, guys.

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