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Ali Ries, Space Artist

The covers of all the books in the Time’s Edge scifi series attract a lot of attention. We constantly get asked, “Are those Hubble images?” and “Where did you get them?”

The answer: No, not Hubble. Mrs. Hubble.

Ali Ries, aka Mrs. Hubble, is the artist behind the beautiful images that grace our covers. We found her through that great cosmic event more commonly known as an accident.

We were browsing the Internet for a picture for our first book, Time’s Edge, when we stumbled upon the perfect image for the cover. Drustan’s Nebula was the name and we assumed it was a picture taken by the Hubble space telescope. We eagerly clicked on the picture and wound up on Ali’s website, where her tagline reads “Just call me Mrs. Hubble.”

We browsed through her gallery of images amazed, delighted, and enamored. To date we have more book covers picked out than we have stories planned. Her art has that effect. It inspires. It has that magical ability to transport the viewer to another place. Any science fiction writer would take one look at her work and instantly begin composing stories in his head.

We have five books in the Time’s Edge series so far. The sixth, Time’s Guardians, is underway. How many more? Well… Ali has a great quantity of irresistible images available. We may never stop!

Click on the covers to see the original images on Ali’s website.

Time's Edge Cover

“Drustan’s Nebula” by Ali Ries

Time's Secret Cover

“Lazarus Nebula” by Ali Ries

Time's Illusion Cover

“Jewels” by Ali Ries

Time's Rebels Cover

“Between Two Suns” by Ali Ries

Time's Warriors Cover

“Come 2012” by Ali Ries





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